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M of S Formation Team

Ministry of Swing recently formed our very own formation team!  We'll spend rehearsal times teaching you our formation team choreography.  

For those of you interested in performing, the team will perform demos at M of S and other venues and possibly enter into formation team competitions.

For those of you who are shy about performing, you're still welcome to join the rehearsals to get some of the great benefits of learning team choreography:
1. Solidifying timing accuracy within your patterns (necessary for formation team synchronization)
2. Getting personal feedback on quality of movement and styling work
3. Learning some fun new patterns that apply to the musicality of choreography and re-attaching to the music
4. Learning techniques and tricks for partner switching
5. Repetition and drilling to improve partnering work and pattern precision and confidence
6. General camaraderie with the M of S community!

All Classes take place at:

Ministry of Swing's Venue - the Ideal Arts Space
905 W. 36th St.
Baltimore, MD 21211

Class time: Thursdays 9-10pm and First Sunday of the month 2-4pm

Prerequisite: Must know all 4 basic structures (underarm turn, side pass, sugar push & whip) and basic tuck turns and whip turn endings.

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